• Over 50 types of cheese representing more than a dozen countries

  • Assorted Pates

  • Wide variety of olives, cornichon and capers

  • Fresh-baked bread daily

  • Cheese platters of all sizes and types

  • Variety of baked bries available

Parmigiano Reggiano (Italy) Hard
unpasturized cows milk,  pressed, granular, piquant, slightly salty

Jarlsberg (Norway) Semi-firm
cows milk, pressed, sweeter and softer than Gruyere

Manchego (Spain) Firm
sheeps milk, natural rind, briny nuttiness

St. Andre (France) Soft
cows milk, bloomy rind, rich, creamy, sweet

Tomme de Savoie (France) Semi-firm
unpasturized cows milk, rustic, natural rind, peasant like

Aged Gouda (Holland) Hard
cows milk, pressed, sharp, molten honey

Hunstman (England) Semi-firm
cows milk, layers of Stilton and Double Gloucester

English Farmhouse Cheddar (England) Firm
cows milk, full deep flavor

Fourme D’Ambert (France) Semi-soft
cows milk, blue veined, sharp woodsy flavor

Stilton (England) Semi-firm
cows milk, natural rind, blue veined, crumbly, full and rich

Morbier (France)  Semi-soft
unpasturized cows milk, morning and evening milk separated by ash, pungent aroma

Talegio (Italy) Soft
cows milk, washed rind, tart, salty, very cheesy aroma

Humboldt Fog (United States) Soft
goats milk, bloomy rind, creamy, light, earthy and layered with ash

Carre d’Berry (France) Soft
goats milk, fresh chevre, rolled in aromatic herbs and juniper berries

Petit Basque (France) Firm
sheeps milk, nutty, olivey and fruity

Banon (France) Soft
cow or goats milk, ripened, pronounced winey rustic flavor, wrapped in chestnut leaves

Fromager D’Affinois (France) Soft
cows milk, bloomy rind, slightly sweet and flawless