What is a "Squishy Egg"?

Should you venture into Sydney's Taylor Made Cuisine during the morning hours, one of Sydney's cheery employees will ask if they can take your order, but alas, they might not be able to take your order because you are staring at two mysterious words on the menu: "squishy egg".  Your mind says, “What the heck is it?  That name is weird. Why chance it?”  My friend, let those enigmatic words vex you no more.

The Squishy Egg is soft-cooked, scrambled, blended with creamy gruyere cheese.  The gruyere anoints the egg with its subtle, sweet nuttiness and says, “Yes, I might only be a cheesy egg, but I’m a cheesy egg that studied abroad”. This is a cheesy egg your grandma would have made you on a Saturday morning...if Grandma was from Switzerland. While that is technically the squishy and  egg part of the squishy egg, squishy egg isn’t antisocial. It brings its friends Country Ham and Sourdough Toast to the Taste Bud Dance Party.  Thick cut country ham adds meaty saltiness while the toast lends some tangy crunch.

So, now you know of the wonders of the Squishy Egg.  If you were too embarrassed/tired/hungover to ask what it was, there is no reason to have egg on your face anymore...well, you might have some squishy egg on your face that got stuck there while you were devouring it, but that’s okay. You can always come back for more tomorrow.