Ultimate Cheese Platter

Legend says that cheese was first created when an ancient farmer stored milk in a bag made of farm animal innards and said milk reacted with rennet and the heat of the sun.  Legend then goes on to say that the farmer immediately popped open a bottle of rosé and spread his creation on a Cracker. The evolution of cheese has been cultivated across the globe since the days of our ancient, pastoral friend, which leaves the party planning, modern Hamptonite to ponder, “What should I put on my cheese platter?

My first word of advice is to know thy guests.  If you already know that your guests have sensitive palates, a stinky cheese isn’t going to get the party off on the right foot.  Start with a mild, crowd-pleasing cheese, like a buttery Saint-André and work from there.  I also try to have a few textural options, so if I already have a soft, bloomy cheese I will then look for a medium cheese, like a mouthwatering Krystal Kave Cheddar and then a hard, cheese like the impossibly delicious 1000 Day Aged Gouda. . There is no trepidation over trying a familiarly named cheese, but these elegant versions take what seems ordinary onto a new, delightful plane. If your guests have an adventurous palate go ahead and dive into an oozy wheel of La Tur. If making friends and influencing people is your goal, look to the Truffle Tremor.  Disguised as an unassuming, perfectly ripe goat cheese, Truffle Tremor is dotted with black Italian truffles and will bring pleasantly surprised smiles all around. You might want to get an extra wedge just for yourself.

Cheese doesn’t usually stray far from its BFF, the cracker, but there is no reason to limit your cracker choices.  A classic water cracker will let your cheese selections shine, but more sophisticated, daring cracker choices, like an herbed butter cracker, seeded flatbread or even a golden crostini can elevate and compliment the inherent flavors in the cheese.

Branching out from mere cheese and crackers, an antipasto platter brimming with thinly sliced charcuterie, olives, David’s homemade mozzarella, fresh heirloom tomatoes, stuffed Peppadews and salty shards of Parmigiano Reggiano can transport you from Dune Road to the Amalfi Coast. If your motto is, “Simple is Better”, a plate of Frico, crunchy  baked Parmigiano crisps, paired with a glass of champagne is divine.  There is never any need to stress over appetizers when Sydney’s can create a fabulous cheese or antipasto platter that will make you into “The Big Cheese” without your having to lift a finger.