On-premise dining and gourmet items to go!

  • Freshly made items for breakfast, lunch and dinner; salads, entrees, side dishes and accompaniments
  • Fresh-grilled panini, homemade soups, assorted antipasto, sauces and chutneys
  • Handcrafted desserts and specialty cakes, including wedding cakes
  • Daily breads, muffins and bagels, cappuccino, espresso and machiatos, freshly-baked croissants, scones and biscotti
  • Over 50 types of cheese, representing more than a dozen countries, as well as assorted pates
  • Fresh-cooked rotisserie chickens and ducks, succulent St. Louis Ribs
  • Scottish and Norwegian Smoked Salmon, fresh caviar
  • Gourmet coffee beans, specialty teas and cocoas
  • Specialty oils, vinegars and other international products

For more comprehensive  menus, or for any questions regarding an  event you are considering, contact Erin  Finley  at sydneysgourmet@gmail.com or 
call (631) 288-4722.